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Writer's Block: If I were president ...

What would you do if you were president or prime minister for a day?

We all know from watching President Obama that a DAY, simply isn't long enough to fix things. Even 4 years isn't long enough, so I am going to give myself 2 full terms of office! 8 years would be long enough... maybe to start straightening out the laws... Why do we need that long? Because you said President not King. The president has to get the approval of the Senate and the House of Representatives. WE all know that all Republican Senators do is Filibuster and try to destroy the whole country in order to discredit Obama, and I know they'd hate me even worse.

The country is in a hell of a mess, because our presidents have not restricted profiteering corporations from exploiting the working class, and then discarding them like a used tissue. I would make corporations accountable. STOP all profiteering, and take back America for the PEOPLE, not for the Corporations, and the Greedy top 3 Percent who only know how to exploit the less fortunate. 

The first thing I would do is impose heavy import taxes on all good from foreign countries, other than native crafts. If they didn't make it with hand tools, in whatever native tradition they have... it's taxed at a totally unfordable rate, and that includes our traitor American companies that have moved their factories over seas, but it does not stop there. If it's not made here, it doesn't belong here. I would make a list of all corporations that own factories over seas. I would freeze their assets, and threaten to deport all their CEO's and major stock holders. we'd give them six months to get everything they manufacture anywhere in the world, back on American turf... This would force them to sell their factories in foreign countries, and buy properties here. If they don't play ball, I use the assets and money to give small business loans to start new companies... and I'd give them to regular average income people. No more Nike tennis shoes made in China! No more India cotton bed sheets. LOL American steel mills would be reopened no matter what, but the formerly wealthy top 3 percent would not be owning them, unless they complied explicitly with my demands, and buckled under to a WHOLE lot of regulations.

I would take control of both wages and prices, and I would rework the tax structure... at least long enough to adjust them properly. No one could make more than 200K a year, and no one could make less than 40K if they were working a job of any kind at least 30 hours per week. If people who do NOT work, IE Millionaires and various capital gains folks, make a dime over 200K in income, it's taxed at 99% The government gets everything else. Period. OTHER than that people would pay ten to twenty percent in personal income taxes. First 100K at 10 percent, and second 100K at twenty.

Corporate law needs to be re-worked, and anti trust laws remeasured so that monopolies would be discouraged more. Companies should be forced to divide when they reach a certain size... or net worth... or when their market share got to the point they were starving out everyone else... IE Walmart.  I'd change the laws so that a corporation could be tried in court and 'imprisoned or executed' if they commit a crime. As you probably know a corporation is an individual under the law, just like any person, but who is only financially liable, and then only under certain circumstances. They are free to commit manslaughter, and various other crimes without censure... and they do. If a man dies as a result of something a human being does, then that person goes to trial... IE hit and run drunk driver, but if a person is poisoned by a corporation and dies, or if they die as a direct result of being laid off... well no one says a word. How can you imprison or execute a corporation? Well you could imprison them by freezing assets, and forcing them to change policies, and by taking control of them for a certain number of months till they are fixed where they don't do that anymore. In extreme cases you could force them out of business, and sell their assets to someone who would do a better job.

I would get rid of a LOT Of "moral" laws too... I'd legalize the use of Marijuana, and encourage the growth of hemp. Hemp has many uses, grows faster than lumber and contributes more to our planets Oxygen than other crops. Save the trees, use hemp. It's stupid not to... and if people want to smoke it... well most people do anyway, so why waste the efforts of law enforcement any longer. Plus it would make all these drug tests unnecessary... I'd also encourage all farming. I'd make it legal for anyone with interest to make moonshine to run in their cars, no questions asked. No forms, just set up your still and make all the shine you want. You are supposed to put it in your car, but I don't really care if they have a sip... however DWI laws do still apply... I'd raise the legal drunk limit a spot though, so it wouldn't effect people who just had cough syrup, or drank a drink or two would not have a huge issue. Why? first off it's crazy to import oil from foreign countries, allowing our oil companies to profiteer shamefully off our necessity, when our cars could be easily adjusted to run on moonshine. Lets put our farmers to work, and rely less on petrol. In order to really research green energy, we have to muzzle the oil companies... the best way to do that is to just get rid of them entirely over my 8 year term. Forbid them like the anti smoking laws.... go with locally grown grain alcohol, and then we can look into solar power, and such. 

While we are on the subject of morals I say stop the debate on gay marriage... It's no one's business who is gay and who is not, or who is sleeping with who.... especially not the government's. My plan is to get the government out of people's personal life. Anyone sharing a household for most of the calender year should have the same rights legally as a married couple. whether they, are in love, hold a wedding, or have sex of any description or not. That would include straight people who are living together for economic or childcare reasons as well. It's no one's business, and I am with Clinton... don't ask and if you don't want to, well there's no reason to tell anyone or discuss it with anyone not directly involved. Yes there are gay people, what is the big deal. I say stop making them make a sideshow out of their love or their preference, and just treat them like everyone else. Other people also have the same needs they do... so why not just make a law to allow ANY cohabitants of a home able to share insurance, rights to children, right to file joint income tax, and any other privalages married people have... Now divorce law should be handled the same as a married couple for anyone who needs it to divide property, regardless of romance or sex involved. All those things are sorted out anyway in court on an individual basis. Also legally stop the question of gender on job applications, or for any other purpose than medical and have a choice C for those who are in between... medically. Your gender should be irrelevant to anyone who isn't considering sleeping with your or performing a medical procedure. Full disclosure on those two categories should be legally required.    
I'd rework interest rates, cause the old people are taking a beating on CDs. CDs should pay 5% and the bank should not make excessive profits... IE the interest rate for lending should be one point higher than the interest rate for investing... and that could be accomplished with salary caps for CEOs.... and other excessive spending cuts. Lending should slow down on demand as my plan is implemented, and eventually most loans would be very solid because income would be standard and no one would be suddenly poor... we write stability into legislature. People would be secure, and they would be required by law to pay their debts. 

Profiteering would not be allowed in any industry. You make your money, up to 200K from any and all sources, but that's it. No one has a right to more than a decent life, and on the other hand, every full time job would pay 40K Under no circumstances could a household, as defined above make less than 40K a year per household. People would either get jobs or be self employed, and those making less would be given business advice and subsidy until they could get their income up above 40K. 

Now I hear people thinking the word Communism, but NO it isn't. If you are thinking that you've been brainwashed. People now making over 400K a year aren't earning it. Most of them do no work at all, and they do NOT deserve a free ride, any more than They don't NEED it. No one needs that kind of money. My plan would RE-INSTITUTE true Democracy. Everyone would be on more or less equal footing, and no longer would media and corporate funding decide our elections. All candidates would have an equal chance based on their ability to convince the voting public. I would limit the power of political parties... or perhaps abolish them all together, and make politicians think for themselves. George Washington said parties were a bad idea and he is right. Just look at the current situation. There's a guy in the White House, working his butt off to help the American People survive, and then there are half the senators trying to stop him in every way possible, just so he'll look bad. Half of our citizens think that's OK, even good, because they are brainwashed. We are all brainwashed by political parties... and it needs to stop. We need common sense, and a government that cares for it's people, and makes them prosper... not a government looking out for special interests, and paying lip service to lame causes like anti-abortion, (it should be a free choice, and only economic freedom as described above would allow that... and naturally lower the abortion rate.) Communism is just another party, and not a popular one, but it's just a word... a word certain other parties likes to throw around. Communism is not the opposite of democracy. It is the opposite of capitalism, and Capitalism has caused some problems. It needs to be reeled in... not abolished, just controlled. 

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