kimandgary (kimandgary) wrote,

Fix it!

 I thought about the little pity party I expressed yesterday, and I thought about Saavic's helpful and concerned comment. I thought some more about my whiny reply... in which I stated that I know better. I do know better. I have concocted a plan. 

Every morning I plan to drink some water, walk a mile, take some time to ground before I fall into the kiddie pool for a few minutes, (that should be bracing) and then work out with the weight equipment, for another twenty minutes, and then cold shower with the garden hose before my work day. That should only take about an hour, and I'd feel tons better.

I can still get in about 8 hours work, before time for my sunset walk... in which I will repeat the process. I think this will solve my problems, and after sunset I can get another 5 hours work and money making research, and even a bit of recreational writing and me time, before going to bed. 
I think that will solve most of my physical and spiritual problems, and leave me in a better state of mind to make money writing. Who knows, maybe I'll type faster because I'd feel more energized? Anyway that's the plan. I plan to start Wednesday and Thursday, because I have an important errand tomorrow morning.
Thanks Saavic! I think I just needed someone else to tell me how dumb it is to put my health on the back burner.
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