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I've had enough... I mean money worries, irritable family members, and bothersome household chores... job searches, and disappointments ect... but when I pick up my laptop at night I want to relax... That's why I come here, and such... well I tried facebook, all summer. They had a lovely game called Farmville, and of course I liked it. I mean I am one of those people who love Sims, and various programs where you design things and build buildings ect... so sure farmville was great. I grew to like the people as well. President Obama even has a page there, which I love, but FACEBOOK is nothing but trouble. From the fact I can't log into farmville most of the time, now since I got hooked... I haven't been on it in months so I am starting to get UNHOOKED but still... to the fact that my hotmail is now sending pornographic spam to all my contacts, and some rip off advertising they had got my cell number somehow and were calling me, and running my bill up for texts when I do not text... all thanks to FACEBOOK.  

I HATE FACEBOOK it's nothing but a danged virus factory, and yet I miss it.. but. I am sick of running virus scans every couple of days, and having to delete temporary internet files every few hours just to keep my computer running... I have never seen such a darned mess of computer ruining crap as you can catch on facebook. There's more virus on facebook than there are STDs in house of prostitution in a third world country. I have a firewall, and all sorts of antivirus, and various network security, and I have never ever had so much trouble... or really even needed security before I used facebook. I just finished deleting all my contacts from my hotmail account, and adding to my gmail account... just because I can't figure any other way to stop spamming my friends... and overall I wish I'd never gotten involved in it. Livejournals has never given me any problems, or added any stress to my life, so here is to LIVEJOURNALS... to heck with facebook. I am so sick of that mess.
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That is pretty odd. I am on Facebook and never had problems, yet I never played Farmville. Do you have a good firewall set up?

Im secretly happy you are on LJ again though :)
Thanks, and it all seems to be the games, and the ads... if you accidentally click on one while trying to play the game... it's suprisingly easy to do... then you get hijacked. Plus the updates to your e-mail for every little thing seems to be a problem. I think it's farmville, and I LOVE farmville. Oh and my break from live journals had nothing to do with farmville. I just had some problems I didn't want to be tempted to talk about. Kind of like I was avoiding my feelings by sinking into anything totally removed from my real life. Facebook is very tactile.. no deep thought there. LOL
Are you sure it was Facebook that caused all those problems? Like lioness_syl I have never had such problems with facebook. But then, I don't play the games and severely resrtict the apps ussage. every once in a while I go through and remove the ones I am no longer interested in keeping.
I'm sorry you are having to deal with the aggravation onFB, but I'm glad to see you on LJ as well.
I'm absolutely sure it was facebook. Mostly farmville, and the notification thing where they got access to my e-mail. The ads on the sidebars that get accidentally clicked when you are playing the game sometimes... and even a message from a friend once had a bogus link... and he never sent the message either. It was something he got the same way I did. It was malicious code... A link you had to click on... and yes I am a sucker... overall I am not accutomed to having to defend on such a level. I have a great firewall, but it doesn't help when there are things on a page that can be inadvertently clicked because they are right next to your game screen... and it seems if you click anywhere near them they go to that page, especially when you are trying to scroll on the side in a hurry.. if you slip a bit it takes you to an ad, and usually a virus. They aren't careful about their advertisers, who try to trick new game players into thinking they are getting prizes that have to do with the game, but it's a trick to get information, and infect your stuff.

I've never had any problems in my ten years of serfing and going wherever I want, but facebook's games slow down my computer and build up all kinds of temporary files that are hard to remove, even if you use the delete temporary internet files procedure, they tend to leave things behind. Their ads are designed to go off if you slip the least bit off the scroll bar, and they are most all disreputable. I've had it. I think I could go over there, and check my messages, as long as I don't click on anything, and I am tempted to check a couple of my like pages, cause I really do like them, but no more games, and no more e-mail up dates for them. They really abused the privilage when I gave them the e-mail address. I'd never had any problems, but suddenly my e-mail was sending porn to my contacts list. It was failing to deliver about half a dozen messages a day, but apparently many were getting through. My friends were asking me why I was sending them porn links. I've had that e-mail account for about 8 years. It was my first e-mail account. I've only had e-mail come out of my account without me writing it one time, before I started facebook, and that was just an ad for one company. I stopped using thier services because of it. That was about three years ago. I signed up for facebook, about six months ago, and within weeks of authorizing e-mail notification these problems start happening... so yes, it's facebook. I am not doing anything else differently. Overall with the exception of facebook, my internet activity has not changed in five years.
If you have Firefox, install Ad Block PLus (free add-on for the browser). Blocks those annoying ads, and speeds up your browse-time since they wouldn't be loading.

Also change your privacy options with Facebook, to avoid unwanted application invites from people you don't know, and to protect your info. For some stupid reason, settings are defaulted on public. And check your applications list to delete ones you don't use or don't recognize, people that design them like to input some kind of virus or trojan into them. They may be a reason, due to those nasty ads or whatnot.

And change your email's password, empty your cookies and cache before you start browsing again/changing passwords.
Oh, and check your "Website and Applications" settings too (link:§ion=apps&h=fb9a03a0f9e7ee81b35b8265e9e92e28, or go there yourself at Privacy Settings). It can share information through friends or personalize websites. Turn that off, or change it to something more private, so if your friends have any of those nasty apps that steal info and all, that's more protection.